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Trendy Bride Sunflower Ojai California Real Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be fun. You are supposed to have a great time. After all, you are getting together to celebrate two people deciding that they love each other enough that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. When Tricia and Michael got married in Ojai, California, you could tell that everyone really had a wonderful time. The name of the venue says it all, Camp Comfort. It was the perfect choice for these nuptials. It is located in the hills far away from the hustle and bustle of life. The flower choice of sunflowers went right along with this as well. ojai california wedding ojai california wedding ojai california wedding ojai california wedding ojai california wedding ojai california wedding ojai california wedding ojai california wedding ojai california wedding ojai california wedding

The bride looked very wonderful but her ensemble was not over the top. The gown was gorgeous but the design was still simple. The waistband had diamond accents and the rest of the dress was plain. She did not have a lot of jewelry. She had a clip in her hair as it hung over her shoulder. The groom and groomsmen wore suits and very narrow ties. They looked like a throwback to another era but it fit perfectly with the theme. The bridesmaids wore short dresses and flats. Everyone just looked so relaxed. They looked like they were truly enjoying themselves.

ojai california wedding ojai california wedding

At the reception, the guests did not have look for name cards to know where to sit. There was a seating chart hanging so that they needed to find their name to see which table they were sitting at. It was a more homey presentation for a necessary element.

ojai california wedding just married burlap sign ojai california wedding

The centerpieces were so simple yet classy. They were mason jar with flowers and burlap around it. The colors of the flowers blending with the burlap gave it an earthy feel. It was the perfect selection for a wedding outdoors in the woods.

ojai california wedding ojai california wedding

There were other things that made this wedding different as well. The cake was unique as well. They had a traditional man and woman on the top of the cake. But their topper was inspired by Darth Vader. Of course, it was accented by a sunflower.

ojai california wedding ojai california wedding

You have never been a person to follow tradition. You have never been one to anything like everyone else. As you can see from Tricia and Michael, you can plan a wedding to fit who you are and have an amazing result. Details are the key. Decide what you want and go for it.

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