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Rustic Florida Real Wedding

Kelsey and Cody’s wedding had so many unique touches, it really proves you can incorporate just about everything you want into your special day. Kelsey looked radiant in her gown – beautiful lace detail gave it such an elegant touch and it looked amazing on her. She complemented the gown with a delicate small veil, which looked wonderful with her ornate dress. trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-6  trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-7Her bouquet was definitely unique – instead of the traditional flowers, her bouquet was comprised of many colorful brooches. This is a perfect idea to incorporate beautiful colors, jeweled brooches and buttons passed down from loved ones and it’s something the bride can keep forever. Her bridesmaids also carried these beautiful bouquets down the aisle. What a gorgeous option and helps save money, as floral arrangements are often a large part of the wedding budget.   trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-20 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-21 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-19 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-29 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-12 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-13 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-14 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-15The wedding took place outdoors, under a lovely wooden arbor. Kelsey and Cody looked so happy and the beautiful trees and landscape surrounded the simple ceremony. trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-16 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-17 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-18 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-22 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-24 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-26 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-25 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-23 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-27 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-28 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-4Inside the reception, guests were treated to a stunning wedding cake – and the topper was a darling re-creation of the newlyweds. So cute!   trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-11 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-10 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-30 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-2 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-31 trendy-bride-rustic-florida-real-wedding-5 This wedding featured a beautiful blend of tradition with unique, personal touches – what a great way to throw a celebration!

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