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Unique DIY Thank You Cards

Thank You cards are one of the most important things to do after all the presents have been opened. While you can easily purchase cards, spending a few minutes to handcraft your own adds that special little touch. To create your own cards and envelope, all you have to do is follow these easy steps:


1.  Cardstock paper

2. Lace or Ribbon

3. Gluestick

4. Scissors

5. Double Sided Tape


1. Print out the envelope template and transfer measurements to your favorite decorative paper and fold along the suggested lines. Then, gather cardstock, lace or ribbon and double-sided tape to create your own Thank You cards. You can get as creative as you want with the materials, which is the great thing about completing your own cards!

2. After folding the envelope on the suggested sides and using a glue stick to secure, apply the lace or ribbon to one side of the tape, and then stick the ribbon down the desired side of the envelope about an inch away from the edge. Use calligraphy to handwrite ‘thanks’ on the outside of the envelope. Or download are THANKS template !

3. Fold the cardstock in half and use the lace and decorative paper to embellish the cards.

After completing the card, place it in the envelope and pass out to friends and family!

This DIY project was created by CATA. You can view more of her work at: Cata's Craft

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