Travelscape Vintage Wedding Decor

You could never imagine that twine and burlap could have such an affect on a wedding decor. It could be fancy or elaborate. Here are some wonderful examples on display. vintage wedding decor vintage wedding decor vintage wedding decor

First, look at the welcome sign. It is so simple with the block lettering and the arrow made of twine. You also see the twine used creatively in the place setting as well as around the stack of books. It just shows that you can use things around the house to assist with your decor. The addition of the lace was a nice touch.

vintage wedding decor vintage wedding decor

Let's look at the burlap. The table setting with the burlap looks so wonderful. It ls so detailed yet the contrast of the burlap and tablecloth makes it so striking. The small barrel covered with burlap would make a great accent piece.

vintage wedding decor vintage wedding decor vintage wedding decor vintage wedding decor

If you want a simpler wedding setting, why not consider having a reception in the field without tables? You can actually imagine your guests sitting around enjoying nature as they share in your nuptials. Twine and burlap can help bring out your inner artist. They will help you design a spectacular wedding for a fraction of the cost. It will look good but not have a high price tag. If you plan on taking a hands on approach to your wedding, then definitely consider using twine and/or burlap. You will be amazed at what you can create.

Photos Found via Pretty Chic Blog