The Ranch at San Patricio Mathis Texas Real Wedding

When people mention, vintage many times you think of something simple, homespun or antique. When Erin and Creston got married at Ranch at San Patricio in Austin, Texas their wedding definitely had a vintage feel but it was also elegant. They proved that you can be vintage but also add elements to make the affair more elegant. You can have the best of both worlds. Let's first start with the venue. The Ranch at San Patricio has been a wedding venue for over 200 years. If you want a vintage feel to your wedding, a venue with this type of history is perfect. The landscape is adorned with flowing rivers, wildflowers and moss draped oaks. It is such a picturesque setting. rustic-vintage-mathis-texas-real-wedding-2 rustic-vintage-mathis-texas-real-wedding rustic-vintage-mathis-texas-real-wedding-26 rustic-vintage-mathis-texas-real-wedding-5 rustic-vintage-mathis-texas-real-wedding-27

The vintage theme returned at the reception. The tables had lace tablecloths and crystal. The cake tables were antique dressers. There were also various messages on chalkboards. The centerpieces were cascading floral arrangements.

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Erin's dress was amazing. Her dress was made of lace but it was not a simple gown. It had wonderful capped sleeves of lace.The details of the bodice were wonderful. The train was also incredible. She had a beautiful headpiece that accented her hair and she wore a pearl necklace with drop earrings which completed her ensemble.. Creston looked so handsome in his tuxedo. The bridesmaids wore simple short dresses. You would definitely expect that from a more relaxed vintage themed wedding. As you can see, the bridal party had contrasts to incorporate the different aspects of this lovely outdoor affair. rustic-vintage-mathis-texas-real-wedding-12 rustic-vintage-mathis-texas-real-wedding-13 rustic-vintage-mathis-texas-real-wedding-15

They continued the vintage feel by using the grounds. They were married outside under the steeple of the chapel with vine adorning the edges. They took pictures with an old swing from a tree and used an old truck as a prop as well. But even though their wedding had definite Southern charm, it was also elegant. The bride and groom made a stunning couple. They were definitely not dressed as though they were at a simple affair.

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