The Orchard VIntage Inspired Azle Texas Real Wedding

We meet so many people in high school but how many really become a part of lives after graduation. How many people in your graduating class do you really have a relationship with? Sally and Brady were no different. They were friends in high school but they lost touch after they graduated. A chance meeting rekindled their friendship which eventually blossomed into a romance and culminated with their summer wedding in Azle, Texas. Their story was so interesting that it was featured in the Dallas Morning News. Can you imagine having your romance featured in the newspaper? Their wedding was just as special as they blended vintage with southern charm.rustic-summer-azle-texas-real-wedding-16 rustic-summer-azle-texas-real-wedding rustic-summer-azle-texas-real-wedding-2 rustic-texas-wedding-azle rustic-summer-azle-texas-real-wedding-5 rustic-summer-azle-texas-real-wedding-17 rustic-summer-azle-texas-real-wedding-18 rustic-summer-azle-texas-real-wedding-19

They tied the knot under at The Orchard under cascading greenery. This venue was started by Mike and DeAndra Davidson, who have three grown daughters. They reside on 100 secluded acres and had enjoyed their property immensely over the years.The idea for The Orchard came to life after they had to find a venue for one of their daughter's nuptials. It was then that they realized that they had the perfect location and it was an opportunity to share it with others.

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After the ceremony, the reception had some unique elements. The guests found their table assignments on name cards that were attached to a metal fence with clothes pins.

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The cake was definitely one of a kind. It was topped with fruit. It is not unusual to have fruit filling but it is very different to have it as a topper.

rustic-summer-azle-texas-real-wedding-15 rustic-summer-azle-texas-real-wedding-7 This was a wonderful love story from beginning to end. Your nuptials should have a fairy tale ending as well but it is important to not take anything for granted. Your venue, your dress, your flower selection all play a part in telling your story.

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