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The Journey Outdoor Engagement Styled Shoot

You are getting marred and you are not only having trouble deciding on the venue but the time of year for your engagement session. You have so many ideas. Well, why not check with your photographer and see if it is possible to do multiple sessions. Ryan and Melissa were able to do that it came out wonderful. Both sessions were incredible. The first session was shot with the horses in December. You can tell the difference by their clothes. The second session was in March when it was a little bit warmer. Both sessions are great but we can definitely see why they would have had a difficult time deciding which one to do if they had to choose. styled engagement photos

The pictures with the horses are amazing. They use the horses are props. They use other items while on the horse such as balloons. They also stand alone. The versatility is wonderful.

engagement session with horses the-journey-suitcases-california-styled-engagement-session-4 engagement session with balloon the-journey-suitcases-california-styled-engagement-session-6 gold king and queen emblems

The next session they make a stunning couple. Melissa's dress is simply gorgeous and Ryan's outfit matches it perfectly. In both sessions, they use simple props but it the love that they exude that jumps out at you.

styled engagement session engagement session the-journey-suitcases-california-styled-engagement-session-14 the-journey-suitcases-california-styled-engagement-session-15 the-journey-suitcases-california-styled-engagement-session-8 the-journey-suitcases-california-styled-engagement-session-11 the-journey-suitcases-california-styled-engagement-session-10 the-journey-suitcases-california-styled-engagement-session-12

If you can't decide between seasons or venues for your engagement session, see if your photographer will let you do both. You not only will have twice the fun but you will have even more pictures of the two of you to treasure. Simply priceless!

Photographer:  William Innes Photography

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