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The Ashford Estates Allentown New Jersey Real Wedding

Many women dream of their wedding day. They dream of the dress, their groom and perhaps some of the details. However, the one thing that many of them think about is that moment when they walk down the aisle to their groom. All eyes in the room are on them as they make their way to the man of that they have chosen as a life partner. It is very magical and regal. The choice of the venue and the gown can even take this to another level. allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-2 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-3 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-31 new-jersey-weddings elegant-weddings-blog allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-6 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-7 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-16There were cute signs that directed the guests to the wedding and some were even at the ends of the chairs. The program for the ceremony was enclosed in a nice package tied with a ribbon. You definitely don't see that everyday. The originality did not stop there.  allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-29 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-17

Lisa and Kyle got married at the Ashford Estate in Allentown, New Jersey and she was absolutely stunning as she walked down the aisle. The venue had an atrium which made the whole room look larger. Her strapless gown was incredible. It had an intricate bodice with a wide skirt. But the train is what took our breath away. It was long and really made Lisa look like a princess as she walked down the aisle. Her veil definitely helped pull off this affect. She went simple on the jewelry and wore a bracelet which made the dress stand out even more. She definitely fit the vision of anyone who ever dreamed of THAT moment when you walk down the aisle at your wedding. Wow!

allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-18 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-19 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-20

The venue itself was very regal as well. The Ashford Estate is composed of 30 acres complete with sparkling fountains, waterfalls, a floating gazebo as well as incredible landscape. It is wonderful wedding location for before, during and after the ceremony. The groom and groomsmen wore classic black suits with bow ties. The bridesmaids wore long blue dresses. They blended in well and definitely looked elegant. They were an amazing looking bridal party.

allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-8 groosmen-photo allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-12 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-9 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-10

After the ceremony, Lisa and Kyle took spins around the grounds in a convertible. There are many movies both classic and modern that have the bride and groom driving away in a car. It was a wonderful touch.

allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-14 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-24 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-21

The reception was just as incredible. The tables were decorated with flowers in bowls, lit candles as well as flower petals sprinkled on the table. It was just beautiful. But the cake was out of this world. It was five square tiers. It just topped an amazing wedding.

allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-22 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-30 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-26 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-25 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-23 allentown-new-jersey-ashford-estate-real-weddings-27 new jersey weddings

If you have the dream of your wedding day and can't wait for THAT moment when you walk down the aisle, take some types from Lisa. The venue and the dress can make it absolutely magical. Choose carefully so that you can feel like a princess on your wedding day.

Photographer:  Marconi -the art of photography//DJ: Dj your way with Chris//Floral Designer: Magnolia Exquisite Florals and Event Decor//Reception Venue: Main Street Fine Catering//Event Venue: The Ashford Estate//

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