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Sverdlovsky Russia Wedding Shoot

Sverdlovsky Russia Wedding Shoot. There’s a reason this styled wedding shoot in Russia looks out of this world; it was shot during a workshop at the “Martian Place” in the Sverdlovsky region. Photographer Maxim Koliberdin captured the otherworldly scene with a mix of complementary wedding style and uncanny natural surroundings. styled shoot

The color palette of this shoot is comprised of neutral tones with touches of orange, peach, and blush, along with hints of unexpected color.

styled shoot

The bride wears a tan halter-style gown. She carries a plush bouquet full of white, ivory, and blush-colored blooms.

styled shoot

The water below reflects the striking colors of the light bouncing off the wrinkled mountains.

styled shoot

The groom looks perfectly handsome in a traditional black tuxedo. His style balances out the unconventional but chic look of the bride.

styled shoot

It comes as no surprise this location is dubbed the “Martian Place” as its red dirt and sparse landscape is incredibly familiar to our stereotypical notions of how the red planet might appear.

styled shoot

Even the ground consists of the dry, cracked dirt we’ve come to associate with Mars. The ground, the environment, and even the spirit of the location does nothing but proliferate the theme and beauty of the styled shoot.

styled shoot styled shoot styled shoot styled shoot styled shoot

A few pink rose petals look like forgotten relics until we see the couple holding a large flower arrangement. The pink and blue blooms of the piece are a refreshing contribution of color.

styled shoot styled shoot styled shoot

Grabbing her skirt and spinning atop the cliff, the bride shows off the other notable details of her look, from her neutral flats to the open back of her dress.

styled shoot

The designers add two tall flower arrangements, equally full of color, and an elegant sofa dripping with a swag of greenery. The bride and groom cozy up as a chic duo.

styled shoot styled shoot

The bride changes into a tall pair of gray heels for a stylish accessory swap.

sverdlovsky russia wedding styled shoot styled shoot

The final shot shows the couple standing in a ceremonious fashion. The aisle is crafted with simple tall white pillars as they hold hands and come together in an affectionate kiss.

styled shoot

It takes a true visionary to take a place that reminds us of Mars and style it in a way that makes us yearn for the beauty beyond our imagination. The Sverdlovsky region in Russia is truly exceptional; it challenges us to go beyond our normal atmospheres and explore the new, the unknown, and the wild.

Photography: Yulia Otroschenko Photography Planning: Maxim Koliberdin , Evgeniya Mukhametova Bridal dress: Yulia Skalatskaya Floral Design: Sparrow Floristic Hair: Yaroslav Olkov Make-up: Rita Heidebrecht Stationery: Dasha Snesareva

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