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Sunken Gardens St Petersburg FL Love Session

Sunken Gardens St Petersburg FL Love Session. Anna and Jesus are an inspiring pair; she's an artist and he is a musician. Together, they emit lively energy and genuine love. This dynamic duo enjoyed a sunny, spirited love session set at the Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg, Florida. And all the special moments were documented beautifully with film. Anna chooses a vintage-inspired dress from Anthropologie and pairs it with a red lip. Jesus sports a dark blue button-down and plum-colored pants. Their outfits coordinate well with the lush and luxurious location and their session starts with laughter underneath a canopy of trees.

sunken gardens

The 100 year-old botanical gardens has many spectacular spots to take photos. The couple move over to the koi pond and take a few moments just to interact with the fish, looking as if they're on a casual date.

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Next, they pause and sit under an arbor.

florida engagement photos

The photographer then stands behind a sumptuous plant to photograph the couple mid-embrace. Jesus and Anna were so enveloped in the moment that it looks as if the photographer's presence was a mere after-thought.

florida engagement photos

The Sunken Gardens is resonant with bountiful flowers and plant-life. There are striking colors at every single turn. A deep red plant serves as a pronounced backdrop for Anna and frames her beautifully.

florida engagement photos

The couple finds a pair of white lawn chairs and take a seat next to one another. They casually interact while also taking in the whole scene. With over 50,000 tropical plants, there's a lot to admire.

florida engagement photos

They find a playful moment to smile and hug in a classic shot surrounded by sunshine and the low-hanging branches of the trees. Jesus's peaceful countenance paired with Anna blissful expression is idyllic.

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They stroll, hug and even lay down in the grass for different angles, interactions and expressions.

florida engagement photos

Each photo, no matter the pose or focus, truly speaks to the love Jesus and Anna share, which is really what an love session is about.

florida engagement photos

The scenic and natural surroundings only add to the beautiful essence of their connection. Photography: Alysia and Jayson Location: Sunken Gardens - St Petersburg,Florida

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