Sunflower Missoula Montana Real Wedding

Stereotypes of a Montana wedding on a range, would most definitely include cowboy hats and cowboy boots. You might even expect a campfire. When Maureen and Casey got married at a historic church in Missoula, Montana, this was not the case. It was a stunning affair. The church was so ornate. It was simply beautiful. summer-sunflower-missoula-montana-real-wedding summer-sunflower-missoula-montana-real-wedding-29 summer-sunflower-missoula-montana-real-wedding-2 summer-sunflower-missoula-montana-real-wedding-3 summer-sunflower-missoula-montana-real-wedding-4 summer-sunflower-missoula-montana-real-wedding-5 summer-sunflower-missoula-montana-real-wedding-6 summer-sunflower-missoula-montana-real-wedding-7 summer-sunflower-missoula-montana-real-wedding-8

After the ceremony, the couple took pictures in downtown Missoula simply embracing the modern side of their heritage. When they left for the reception, the took a step back in time and traveled in a vintage car instead of a limousine. The venue for their reception fit right into the day's theme.

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The bride and groom made a stunning couple. Her strapless gown was so elegant. It did not have all of the applique that is usually on a dress like this but it was still amazing. The groom and groomsmen definitely looked elegant in their tuxedos. Not to be outdone, the bridesmaids really stood out with their short white dresses and sunflower bouquets.

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The Ranch is in an area was first settled in 1869 by Gaspard Deschamps. This ranch provided a livelihood for four generations as well as the hospitality to the folks in the region. The Ranch Club was formed five years ago and now the members, who are known as "Ranchers", now embrace the wonderful landscape and companionship that this family has embodied for over a century.


Embracing the heritage, the reception took place in a barn. The menu was written on chalkboards and  the centerpieces were composed of bright sunflowers. This was the perfect choice for this Montana wedding.

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The four tier cake looked majestic yet simple with the floral design as a topper.

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Your location can influence but not necessarily dictate your nuptials. Embrace the area's history but you don't have to let it completely take over your day. This is your day and it should have special touch to make totally and completely yours.

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