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Stephen + Annabel - Salt Lake Utah Engagement Session

This lovely couple created fun, loving photographs with such ease. First off, what is more romantic than stealing a kiss behind a tree? What a fabulous idea for any couple to try in their enagagement session.

Stephen and Annabel looked perfect in each and every picture – the black and white photographs looked just as stunning as ones with color. Annabel chose amazing outfits to wear because they added a perfect pop of color to the natural background.

You could just see the love and playful nature between the two, and the photographer captured it beautifully!

The dramatic photo of the couple between the trees is just amazing. So much greenery and natural beauty is found in the shot, but your eye is still drawn to Annabel and Stephen in the center.

There is so much romance in each of the pictures, and while the settings look amazing – including fields of grass, trees and golden wheat – the couple is simply stunning together!

Photography : EP LOVE

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