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Spring Copper and Mint Wedding Styled California Shoot

There are so many ideas floating around in your head as you imagine the perfect wedding day. Your gown is white and long and flowing. You may even have a veil. Your groom is so handsome in his tuxedo. Does it have to be that fancy or formal to be nice? Well, we have a shoot that we hope will show you that you can have a wonderful wedding without all of the pomp and circumstance. If you are more of a laid back bride then this idea would definitely appeal to you. It allows you to have a beautiful wedding without the stress that comes from a more elaborate affair. The bride is just simply beautiful. She has a short white dress with flats. She has a veil designed hat. Her jewelry is a copper necklace and bracelet. The groom is wearing a dress shirt and bow tie. He blends in perfectly with her dress. spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-4   spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-12 spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-13 spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-3 spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-2  spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-11 spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-14 spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-5 spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-15 spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-9 spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-16     spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-17

The place setting is very elegant yet simple. The green plate underneath the white one is perfect. The thank you note in the middle of the napkin is a very special touch. The greenery that is used makes this a very unique decor. The table numbers and name cards are also not too fancy.

spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-6  spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-7 spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-8 spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-18   spring-copper-and-mint-wedding-styled-california-shoot-10 spring wedding inspiration

The location of a wedding like this is very important. You need to select a venue that will allow you to feel as though no one else exists. It simply sets the tone and provides just the right atmosphere.  Planning a wedding does not have to be crazy. Choose to have a more laid back wedding and have a relaxed time on your big day. Select the venue and then plan to have a great day. A laid back wedding can be spectacular.

Photographer:  Simply Jamela Photography//Invitation Designer: Completely Gail//Makeup Artist: Aprille Ricafranca//Floral Designer: Classics flowers and confections//Event Designer:DJ Styling

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