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Skincare for The Groom

Skincare for The Groom

Skincare for The Groom.

Grooms deserve to look their best and using a quality skincare product can ensure you feel as good as you look on your big day. Two skincare companies offer products proven to work and that boast amazing results in the way of younger, healthier skin. DefenAGE Skincare® and Tiege have specific product lines for men that are easy to use but more importantly, effective.

DefenAGE Skincare® recently launched the Men’s Kit, a scientifically-backed skincare system proven to address the signs of skin exhaustion and aging. The kit has an easy-to-follow system: a facial cleanser, a daily skin renewing cream and serum, and an exfoliating mask to use once or twice a week.

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Tiege aims to help all men look and feel amazing and offers seven products sold in five systems to meet your specific skincare needs. The subscription-based service conveniently delivers your products to your doorstep each month so you never run out.

Their seven products include a daily face wash, an exfoliating scrub, a morning facial moisturizer, a bedtime facial moisturizer, eye cream, a super serum and a daily moisturizing acne cream.

The steps are easy to use and uncomplicated: wash, scrub and moisturize. Tiege includes simple instructions so you don’t have to guess what to use when. In under two minutes, you’ve taken care of your skin!

You can expect clearer, fresher skin in just 30 days with Tiege’s system. And if you want to adjust your system at any time, you can do that, too, to try new products and add to your daily routine.

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There are all kinds of ways for grooms to look their best and skincare is definitely at the top of the list. By using proven skincare systems from DefenAGE Skincare® and Tiege, you’ll look refreshed, younger and more confident on your big day.

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