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Simple Beach Wedding in Nebel Denmark

It is so serene. It is so beautiful. It is so simple yet so striking. The beach was a breathtaking backdrop for Aline and Philipp's wedding on the island of Amrum in Nebel, Denmark. No props were needed to make this setting spectacular.

First let's talk about the couple. The bride did not wear a long elaborate gown but she still looked stunning. Her short strapless layered white dress was perfect. Aline did her own hair which was nicely placed over one shoulder to the side and she wore just a simple necklace. His beige suit blended in well with the sand. Phillipp did not wear a tie which was the right choice for this relaxed wedding.

Also, you notice you don't see any bridesmaids or groomsmen. All eyes are on the happy couple as they become one with the landscape. Sometimes you don't need the whole ensemble of people to make your wedding special.

There are endless opportunities for pictures in this setting. You are mesmerized as they gaze at each other on the beach and you can feel their love as they sit in the sand dunes. As Aline sits in the beach chair, she looks so relaxed and wonderful.

For Aline and Phillip this was wedding number one. They planned this intimate affair because so many of their friends could not really remember enjoying their wedding day. They were too frazzled. This event was planned to be relaxed for family and a few friends. The big shindig scheduled for later in the year will include all of the pomp and circumstance.

If you really don't like all of the fuss that comes with a traditional wedding, you can see that simple can be beautiful. As you look at the pictures, you feel as though they are on an island by themselves. Is that the feeling that your special day should evoke?

A beach wedding can be elegant, simple and special. Take some tips from Aline and Phillipp. You don't need a fancy gown or elaborate jewelry. You just need the natural backdrop and the lovely couple. The setting and the bride and groom as the props will be all that is necessary to turn your wedding into a spectacular affair. Kick back, relax and enjoy your day. It's that simple.

Photography By: Troistudios

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