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Saja 2014 Wedding Dresses

Saja 2014 Wedding Dresses. Wedding dress designer Saja creates airy, waiflike looks that are perfect for a beach wedding, a private garden ceremony or a rustic affair in an open field. Not only are the designs light and sweet, they're practical and functional for any occasion.

This gown is modest and modern. It features sheer fabric sleeves and neckline, which is encrusted with delicate beading dripping from the shoulders. The fabric is gathered at the waist and topped with a satin ribbon waistband. The fabric then hangs loosely in a long, flowy skirt. If you are lucky to have a breeze, this dress will make for incredible photos.

saja wedding dress

A Greek goddess will be outfitted beautifully in this design. It has a V-neck, both front and back, with an overlay of sheer fabric across the shoulders. The material is gathered at the waist and it's held together with a beautiful ivory-colored waistband. The designer also features a look that shows a beaded waistband that is interesting and different. Wear a flower crown and you'll be heaven-sent.

saja wedding dress

This gown borrows elements from the previous design but it also incorporates lace-scalloped detail on the shoulder straps. The bottom is also covered with a top layer of lace fabric and it cinches at the natural waist and a long ribbon flows freely down the back of the skirt.

saja wedding dress

Much like the delicate look at the top, this gown has the same structure and silhouette. The difference is that it has less beading. The dress can be accessorized with a jeweled belt or a satin ribbon waistband for a touch of elegance.

saja wedding dress

This dress features a V-neck and soft cap sleeves crafted out of sheer fabric. The designer incorporated multiple layers of the same fabric to add dimension and volume to the gown. It is all gathered at the waist with a belt or ribbon and then the fabric drapes down both sides of the gown to a floor-length hem. This is a dreamy dress.

saja wedding dress saja wedding dress

It is fascinating how one designer can create such similar looks all with their own unique elements. This designer simply changed up the belt or ribbon waistband and took a different approach with the same gown. Saja has created a collection of effortless joy for brides all the world over.

Credits: Dresses: Saja Photos by: Kevin Kunstadt Hair: Tomo Make-up: Fumi Model: Veronika from Ford

Saja 2014 Wedding Dresses

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