Rustic Styled Wedding Shoot in Saint Faustin Quebec Canada

The venue of a wedding is obviously important but you really can transform anywhere into your fantasy. Sometimes it is easier if you have a location that is bare because then your imagination will be able to visualize and image what it could look like. We have a photo shoot that was done at Les Chalets Du Grand Duc in Montreal, Canada. It was just completed and had no furniture yet. We hope that you are inspired by this and it will help you to get unique ideas for your nuptials. rustic canada weddings rustic wedding dress

Even though the decor is extremely important, let's face it, what is a wedding without the bride. Our bride is wearing an amazing gown. It is simple, elegant and yet has very intricate detail. It allows her to flow throughout the room with grace and elegance. It is strapless and gathers at the waist. The embroidery in the lace skirt is breathtaking. Her hairstyle is also wonderful. She is wearing a headpiece and has earrings. She really does not need anymore accessories.

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Since the property was bare, it gave the venue a rustic feel. This was complemented with the centerpieces composed of bark. The flowers were wonderful to add to this theme.  rustic wedding decor

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There was also the cake area. It was decorated with hanging ribbon but the cake itself was also unusual. It had ruffles in the frosting around the layers. It was surrounded by porcelain china such as vases and a tea pot. These are a few ideas of what you could do.

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Are you inspired yet? It is definitely easier to allow the venue to dictate your theme and to use the props readily available to accentuate your theme. However, if you are creative and imaginative, you could take a blank canvas like this and create a masterpiece for your special day. It would be a challenge but definitely worth the effort in the end.

Photographer:  Sonia Bourdon photography Jewelry:Bijoux Mohawki Dress Store: Boutique Natalia Exclusif Cake Designer:Gât-o Event Designer: La Mariée Bohème Floral Designer:Les Petites Excuses Veils and headpieces:Letters to Jane Makeup Artist:Susan Morales