Rustic Southern Louisburg North Carolina Real Wedding

In each wedding, the bride has elements to make it uniquely her affair. The planning, the decorating definitely show you her signature touch. When Matt and Lori got married in Louisburg, North Carolina, she added so many unique ideas that she ended up with a magnificent day. rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings-13 rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings-4 rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings-6 rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings-7 rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings-2  rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings-3 The bride and groom ensembles fit right in with this vintage theme. Her dress was lace with a tan ribbon. It was simple but beautiful. He wore a suit and a blue bow tie that matched the colors of the bridesmaids dresses. They each wore cowboy boots. rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings-8  rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings-9 rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings-10The bridesmaids wore short blue dresses that showed off their cowboy boots. The groomsmen did not wear boots. After the ceremony, each couple did a dance. It was definitely different.    rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings-11 rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings-14 rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings-15 rustic-louisburg-north-carolina-real-weddings-16

They were creative with the decor as well. The program for the ceremony, the the schedule for the day as well as the menu at the reception were all written on chalkboards. But they did not stop there. There were some elements that were very distinct to this wedding. They had a table with rocks and told the guests to write messages on the rocks and place them in a jar. It is not the first time that a couple has asked for notes from their family and friends but this was an unusual method. The rocks, the instructions and the jar were placed on an antique desk. There was also a table with couples in frames. These represented different members of their family on their wedding day. It was priceless to look at all of the generations.

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Let's start with the ceremony. They had an outdoor wedding and exchanged their vows by arches placed in the field. The flowers were placed in the bedposts of her grandparents bed. Now that is not only unique but touching. It just shows how much her family means to her.

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Lori and Matt showed that you can add elements that will make your wedding unique and special. What unique touch will you add to your nuptials to set it apart and make it uniquely yours?

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