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Russian Bride in the Mountains

Russian Bride in the Mountains. This styled shoot from Russia is otherworldly, majestic, and earthy. It evokes feelings of pastoral regality and is a simple reflection of quiet bridal beauty. The Russian bride has striking features like fair skin, rich brown hair, and a beautiful berry-colored lip. Her qualities are all the more noticeable in a deserted outdoor setting complete with a bright blue sky, rolling hills, and ominous cliffs.

russia wedding

In front of overturned boulders, she offers quite the juxtaposition. She wears a flowing gown with long lace sleeves, a high neckline, and an empire waist with embellishment. On the top of her head is a lovely and delicate handmade crown.

russia wedding russia wedding

The crown looks like it was lifted from the sea. It shimmers with pearls and diamonds, all with a silver afterglow.

russia wedding

Even next to the rocky terrain, the bride looks peaceful, content, and stunning. She embraces the gentle country wind, letting her short bob blow where it may.

russia wedding russia wedding

Her second look resembles that of a medieval queen, looking ever the beautiful courtesan while on an adventure in the countryside. Wearing the same gown, she wraps her head and shoulders with an overflowing veil that catches just the right breeze.

russia wedding russia wedding

The green landscape and rocky terrain aren’t ones typically considered when thinking of Russia; however, this shoot fully explores and captivates the rustic allure of the country.

russia wedding russia wedding

This bride uses the veil in many ways, proving that it can be a transformative accessory. She pulls the veil down to her shoulders and it becomes a shawl, of sorts, for her as she stands in the shadows of the quickly fading day.

russia wedding russia wedding

She then takes the veil and hangs it down over her face, like a traditional blusher, for another look.

russia wedding russia wedding

The bride finds shade under a tree, a rest on a long-forgotten rock, and a dance on a hill that’s alive with sunshine and a serene spirit.

russia wedding russia wedding russia wedding

This styled shoot shows another perspective on this European country often synonymous with beautiful winters and bold-colored urban cities. From Russia with love, one can almost feel the warmth and bask in the bride’s beauty.

Words from photographer:

The shooting in the mountains was inspired by a master class by Tamara Gigola. I was born in a mountain area and spent there most of my life. Mountains mean a lot for me. This is a place I relax and re-charge at the same time. After the master class I was infected by the idea to set up a Runaway Bride shooting. The point is the Caucasus locals still have ceremonies and traditions when parents decide who marries whom, this subject is topical among the youth and my friends in particular. I started to imagine pictures and looks. Thanks to Tamara, who worked so well and inspired us! Once decided, and my life started filling with events which let me fulfill the visions in my mind. I am extremely grateful to the team which assisted me. Special thanks for the gorgeous dress, which was provided for the shooting from another part of our country.

Credits: Photographers: Olga Siyanko Dress: Mmilamira Beauty: Vasilevskaya Elena Model: Marieta Crown: @masterskaya_gg Camera: Pentax 645 and Canon Mark III Film: Fuji 400H

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