Ruffle + Ribbon Wedding Cakes

Ruffle + Ribbon Wedding Cakes.

Nothing is more adorable than a little girl with curls in her hair and ruffles on her dress. The reaction is spontaneous. When that little girl grows up and gets married, she wants the same reaction when she enters the room as well as her wedding cake. Why not consider putting the same ruffles on your cake? We have found a few examples that can provide inspiration

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First, let's look at the tier design. If you are a traditionalist, you can have your cake and eat it too. It is classic design with a flair. The single layer is just as nice if don't need that much cake.

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You can also be creative and have different colored layers. It is a wonderful way to make your cake stand out even more. You could have the colors to match your reception decor or the colors in your bridal party.

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The choices for cakes are endless. If you want a cake that has a little bit more pizazz then you definitely need to consider getting one with ruffles. It will make your cake as special as you are on your big day.