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Romantic DIY Castello Sestiere Venice Italy Real Wedding

Everyone who is engaged, simply loves those together moments. Those times when it is just the two of you. Many people want to capture this for their wedding day. But how do you do that with all of the guests? Efi and Gianni came up with the perfect idea. They decided to get married twice. They had their own intimate ceremony and then they will have the big wedding later with all of their family and friends. Even though Efi and Gianni are from Greece, they chose Venice for their intimate affair. It was just the two of them in a civil ceremony. Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-3 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-2 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-24 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-5 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-4 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-25  Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-6

Even though Efi is not wearing a traditional gown, she was still stunning. Her groom looked quite handsome in his suit and bow tie.

Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-7 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-8 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-11 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-12 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-13 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-14 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-18 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-15 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-16  Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-17

They looked amazing as they walked through the city hand in hand. They stop and kiss, They stop and smile. They stop and snuggle. They are the only two people in the world. What a priceless memory for a wedding day?

Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-19 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-26 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-20 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-10 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-22 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-21 Romantic-DIY-Castello-Sestiere-Venice-Italy-Real-Weddings-23 venice italy real weddings

It is not usual to want a simple, quiet wedding. If the friends and family are clamoring for a larger affair, consider having two weddings like Efi and Gianni. This way you can have your cake and eat it too.

Photographer:  Luca Faz Photographer in Venice

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