Purple Wilmington NC Wedding Inspiration Colors

Look at this modern color combination. The Kick Stand ladies really put together a awesome combination. I would have never thought of satin purple table cloths. It really shows you how vibrant colors can brighten up your space.

These modern chairs are really a great touch to this look. Try something other than white chairs. It really brings the whole look together.

These centerpieces are so beautiful. They are simple but have just enough to pop against the satin table cloths. Yellow,White and Purple are a wonderful color combination.

Now look at the complete setup. Isn't this just gorgeous? Besides the awesome decor, the venue is really amazing. The exposed brick with bright colors really gives this a unique and modern look. Wilmington,NC offers so many unique rustic and modern wedding venues!

Beautiful decor by:  Courtney and Kate of Kick Stand Events /Photography: Michelle Butler of Keepsake Memories Photography

Venue: The Balcony on Dock ( wilmington,nc wedding venue)