Photography is important for your wedding

Photography is important for your wedding. It is a way to record the memories of your wedding day. You can look at the pictures later and recreate special moments. Another way to do the same thing is through camera art. As you can see from these images,  you can create actual artwork from your wedding pictures.

The collage with various images is beautiful. It takes different elements from the day and collectively creates a memory of the wedding.

Look at the picture of the coupe dancing, it is so spectacular. You can see the emotion of the love that they feel for each other. As a picture it is wonderful but as art it is incredible. Photography as art is not new but the new trend to create artwork from your wedding pictures is. It is customary for couples to have a wedding album but it is another thing for them to have pictures as camera art. Be different. Be unique. Select images from your wedding and create camera art. Your home will always display the love that you both share for each other.

Photography by: Camera Art Photography / Venue: Meriwether's Restaurant