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Outdoor Rustic Florance Oregon Engagement Session

Have you ever secretly wondered what it would be like to be a model? Well, you can turn your engagement session into a real photo shoot. You can have multiple outfits and multiple locations. Emily and Matthew did just that for their session in Oregon and it turned out fantastic. The photographer was able to catch them in so many great poses. More than anything, they looked like they were having a great time. unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-2 unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-4 unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-7 unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-10 unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-3 unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-17

They sat, they were standing, they were walking or they were talking. Each pose is so special because it captures them so naturally that you feel that like you are getting a glimpse into their private world. It is so intimate. The backdrops also changed from a building to the fields. In some pictures, they did not wear a hat. In some pictures, he wore a hat or skull cap and in other she did the same. The variety of poses is what makes this session so much fun and unique. They also change their clothes by sometimes wearing a jacket and in others they didn't. The outfit changes are not elaborate but you do get the feeling that each image is capturing another setting.

unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-11 unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-6 unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-14 unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-9 unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-13 unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-12 unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-5 unique-rustic-florance-oregon-engagement-photo-ideas-15 florance oregon engagements

I am sure that Emily and Matthew felt like models during their session. They had so many outfit setting changes. It looks like they had fun which allowed the photographer to obtain some fantastic pictures. Unlock the model within and you can plan an amazing engagement session with multiple settings or outfits just like Emily and Matthew.

Photographer:  Jamie Jones Photography

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