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Our Courtyards & Cobblestones Experience !

Last week, I attended the Courtyards and Cobblestones bridal show. What an experience! It was definitely unique and different from anything I have ever attended. I spoke with a few brides who agreed with me and said that they really liked the format. They especially liked that they weren't bombarded with vendors and enjoyed a more relaxed atmosphere. I went through the tour with the brides so I truly experienced exactly what they did. My favorite element was that it was a walking tour. We strolled from one venue to the next which really allowed me to soak in the experience. The weather was nice so this was an added plus. I started at the Atrium which was just beautiful. It is a perfect venue for the bride wanting an outdoor setting with a modern approach.

Next on my list was the classic City Club which offers a historical atmosphere. Social Butterflies set up a fun polaroid display. What I loved most is that I could see the photo instantly & take it home. This would be great for weddings. You can even encourage your guests to take two pictures; one for you and one for them to take home. Now you can have photos which was be mementos of your wedding and favors all in one. When I walked inside I met with vendors who all loved the show. They said it was more intimate and easier to connect with potential clients.

Then in another room I was able to listen to beautiful music by Maura Kropke. We not only had wonderful music and a great atmosphere but we were also treated to delicious food.

I walked to the Balcony on Dock St next. Their venue sits up on a higher floor. So this let's in alot of beautiful light ! What's not to love about exposed brick and wood floors.

My last stop was 128 south located on front st. They offer a wonderful space for events. They also have the exposed brick and wood floors. What I love is, there are two levels for you to entertain your guests.

I ended my day, by taking a fun shot in Millie Holloman's Photobooth. If you are looking for a fun exciting way to learn about different vendors or venues for your wedding then this show is definitely one to consider. The brides that I spoke with had glowing reviews for the staff and the vendors. Overall, they rated their experience a 5 out of 5..
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