Organic Bridal Portraits Wedding Magazine Feature

Organic Bridal Portraits Wedding Magazine Feature. View some of Becca Lea's Bridal portrait session featured in our Winter/Spring 2015 issue.

texas bridal portraits

A vision in a rosy tint

Floating freely from water to woodland path.

Grasping pink blossoms

Bound with ribbon and imaginative hope.

Blonde tresses and a composed countenance

Materialize into a luminous bride.

Trimmed with raw beauty

She faithfully moves,

And begins anew.

 texas bridal portraits fine art wedding magazine becca lea photography


Photography: Becca Lea Photography Styling: Carly Potter Hair and Makeup: Savannah King Bouquet & Hair piece- Southern Elegance Design Dress: ASOS Shoes: Vince Camuto

Featured in Trendy Bride Magazine. Pick up a copy at your local Barnes and Noble bookstore. Or order a copy here.