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Offbeat Circus Inspired Wedding Styled Shoot in Colorado

A wedding is a happy festive occasion. What could more special than celebrating the love of a couple for each other as they show the world that they want to spend their lives together? If you are a fun loving bride, you might want to have a theme that is a little more laid back. Why not consider a circus theme? We have an inspiration shoot that we think will make you consider this option. offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado- offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--24 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--2 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--3

The main thing that we used are the props. There are the circles, the unicycle, the ladder, the popcorn, and the multiple colored cloth that are all used to give the feel of being at the circus. Even the desserts are in the hanging swings which is so original.

offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--4 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--5 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--6 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--25 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--7 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--11 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--26 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--8 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--9 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--10 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--13 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--17 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--27 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--18 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--14

First let's look at the bride and groom. The bride has a beautiful flowing dress with the unique makeup and the groom is dressed liked a circus extra. Their outfits look fun. The best man is dressed like the groom with the tee shirt and suspenders and the maid of honor has a short dress.

offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--19 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--12 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--15 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--22 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--21 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--20 offbeat-circus-inspired-wedding-styled-shoots-tattoos-colorado--28 circus inspired weddings

Going to the circus is always fun and exciting. If you want to create an environment that is laid back and fun, then the circus theme might be something to consider. It will definitely be unique and festive. We hope that you are now inspired to look at an idea that has endless possibilities for a wedding. If you have been inspired, let your creative juices start flowing. You will be amazed at what ideas you can come up with and you will have a wedding that will be fun but most of all totally you.

Photographer:  Harper Point Photography//

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