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Ocean Isle North Carolina Real Wedding

Beach weddings are so breathtaking just because you get to look at the water and relaxed before, during and after the ceremony. When Stephen and Chelsea got married in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, the guests did not have to leave the serenity after they exchanged their vows. They had rented a home right on the beach so everything was held there. What a great idea? This is your classic boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl finally likes boy and then they get married. Even though they tied the knot on the beach, they were able to have a traditional feel to their nuptials. knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-2 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-3 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-4 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-5 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-7 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-6

Many times when couples get married on the beach, they lean towards relaxed attire and sometimes don't even have a bridal party. This is where Stephen and Chelsea differed from the rest. They had a traditional wedding but it was not in a church. Chelsea looked amazing in her strapless flowing gown. Her train was stunning. Her groom wore a suit and tie even though they were at the beach. They were joined by a large bridal party.

knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-8 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-9 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-10 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-11 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-12 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-13 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-23 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-14 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-21 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-22 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-16 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-20 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-17 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-18 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-19At the reception, they deviated from tradition a bit. Usually as you walk in the room, you immediately start looking for the cake. Well, they had an elaborated cupcake table but the wedding cake was just one layer with a large B as a topper.   knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-15 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-27 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-24 knots-landing-ocean-isle-nc-beach-real-wedding-25 ocean isle nc wedding

If you are considering a beach wedding, Stephen and Chelsea showed that you can have a traditional affair at any venue.

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