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Notre Dame Paris Engagement Photos

Nothing sounds more romantic than taking engagement photos while strolling along the Seine and wandering behind the famous Notre Dame in Paris. For Italy natives and long-distance loves, Sara and Stefano, the window of opportunity to take engagement photos was small but fortunately, one long weekend was all they needed to get these gorgeous Parisian photos. Sara and Stefano are high school sweethearts who have been together for five years. There’s a certain devotion and strength to their relationship that was evident to the photographer.

The day was bright, with downy clouds dotting the sky and a spray of leaves on the ground.

notre dame engaged couple

It’s endearing to see a couple who chooses casual comfort. They look as if they’re on a date and a photographer is capturing the events however they play out. Stefano wears a gray sweater with a wintry design while Sara chooses a chunky cable-knit sweater and thick red scarf.

engaged couple

This is a romantic scene on the Seine, indeed! Like a postcard, Sara and Stefano fit beautifully into their spot on the bridge.

engaged couple

Taking a pause at the water, this charming photo shows them sitting next to one another, holding hands, and soaking up the sunlight.

engaged couple

Grabbing thick black coats to keep warm, Sara and Stefano embrace for an affectionate kiss.

engaged couple engaged couple

Along the way they add and remove several accessories for a few different looks. Stefano adds a gray winter cap and thick scarf for his stroll in the park with Sara.

engaged couple engaged couple engaged couple

It wouldn’t be a proper photo shoot in Paris without stopping at a café. At a streetside table, they pull up two seats and enjoy espressos and tea.

engaged couple engaged couple

How affectionately they look at one another! The camera can’t hide the tenderness shared between these two who clearly relish in their moments together.

engaged couple engaged couple

The street is marked with colorful shop fronts as the couple stand up and continue their journey. The boisterous raucous from the vendors, the cars, and the street-goers can't deter Stefano from grabbing Sara and giving her a sweet kiss on the forehead.

engaged couple engaged couple

It’s tough to say if one couple is more in-love than any other; however, Sara and Stefano are as close to evidence as one can find. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and with one of the most romantic cities in the world as their chief inspiration, this couple couldn’t look any more in love if they tried.

Photography: Stephanie Fishbein

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