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Northern Ireland Bridal Portraits

With rugged cliffs overlooking lively waves, verdant green as far as the eye can see, and a stunning, carefree bride, these Northern Ireland bridal portraits is the stuff dreams are made of. With an overwhelming connection to the land, this barefoot beauty seamlessly radiates bridal style in a way that will leave all eyes smiling. The entire shoot rests on a central juxtaposition between the darling bride and the rocky coastline.

irish bride

The bride dons a simple mermaid-style dress with a lace bodice and lace cap sleeves.

irish bride

Her hair hangs down, most fitting, as the breeze is often present. Her makeup is natural and she sports a dramatic eye for a touch of glamour.

irish bride irish bride

Standing on the rocks and overlooking her shoulder, she models a veil with a short blusher over her face.

irish bride irish bride

Out on the sand, she shows off the train of her gown as she casually holds her hair off her neck.

irish bride irish bride

With the blue skies above and the sun casting its rays down below, a wall of green is cast behind her.

irish bride irish bride

As the photographer inches away from the bride, one can see the amazing landscape as she pauses and looks down past her shoulder.

Ireland bridal portraits irish bride

The expansive views of Northern Ireland are simply breathtaking. This shoot is evidence that one doesn’t need a fancy or elaborate setting to produce unbelievable photos. Just take a walk outside.

irish bride

With her chestnut brown eyes peering straight into the camera, this bride looks peaceful and stoic along the cliff’s edge.

irish bride

The landscape in this Northern Ireland region was meant for exploration. Its rolling hills, rocky cliffs, and endless energy of the ocean down below beckon adventure-seekers and nature-lovers alike. But when you insert a eye-catching bride, you see a whole new side to its beauty, one that is gentle, elegant, and sophisticated.

Photography - Natalie Broach Photography Makeup - Pauline Boyce Wedding Dress - Justin Alexander Model - Hollyanne Boyce

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