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North Carolina Engagement Featured

North Carolina Engagement Featured in our Summer-Fall 2015 issue. Could you imagine meeting someone as a child, developing your very first crush, and never knowing if you would see them again? That’s exactly what happened to bride Vanessa. She grew up on the island of Aruba and met David as he visited his Godmother over the summer. After years without a visit from David, the two lost touch.

Ashley even purchased a wish necklace from a local drugstore, making a wish and hoping that, as promised, once is broke off it would come true. David didn’t return as she had hoped but a while later, both decided to move for higher education. Vanessa moved to Canada while David settled in Charlotte. A mutual friend asked her if she knew him and the rest, as they say, is history.

Featured in our Summer-Fall 2015 issue!

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Photography by: Lauren Rosenau

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