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Trendy Newspaper Wedding Ideas

Looking for an original material to make items for your wedding, why not consider newspaper? It is easy to find and there are so many ways that it can be incorporated into your nuptials.

via Hugh Forte

via News Favor First, you could send out your wedding invitations that resemble an article. It would be fun to design and original. The whole story would be about your upcoming nuptials.

via Hugh Forte

newspaper wedding bouquet via google

On the day of the event you could continue the theme.

newspaper decor via Enchanted Dream Weddings

newspaper wedding cake via Person + Killian Photography

newspaper wedding cake via Christin A Morley

You could decorate your venue with newspaper flowers, make newspaper centerpieces and even have your wedding cake with newspaper print along the side.

DIY newspaper nail polish via True Blue Me and You

You could even get into the act and paint your nails with newsprint. The options are endless.

So if you just love newspapers, love to read or even work in journalism, this is an unusual theme. It would definitely be outside of the box but also represent an element of you. Isn't that what newspapers do? They tell stories about events. However, this newspaper only has one theme and it is all about your special day.

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