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New Bern Engagement Atlantic Beach NC

New Bern Engagement photos.  Rob proposed to Andrea in New Bern, North Carolina, so naturally that's where their engagement session started. It's a gorgeous Southern city right near the water that teems with charm, history and the perfect amount of Spanish moss. Lush green trees set the tone for the Downtown part of the shoot. Andrea wore a light blue tunic, dark skinny jeans and brown cowboy boots. Rob wore a mint green button-down, jeans and brown boots. The couple strolled hand-in-hand on their journey.

new bern engagements new bern engagements

Both kissing and embracing, it's evident the amount of love between these two. After strolling through Downtown, Rob and Andrea made their way to the waterfront.

new bern engagements new bern engagements

If there's fun to be had, these two will find it. Rob grabbed his girl and the two began dancing underneath a large gazebo near the water. Andrea laughed as Rob turned her and pulled her in close.

new bern engagements

The waterfront is a lively scene with the coming and going of sailboats. A few shots near the water were a beautiful depiction of life in lovely New Bern.

new bern engagements atlantic beach engagements

Andrea and Rob changed locations and kicked off their shoes for some photos at Atlantic Beach. Andrea now wore a mint green sundress, navy blue cardigan and brown belt. Rob changed into a light blue gingham button-down and the two met just as the sun was setting.

atlantic beach engagements atlantic beach engagements

A classic shot of the ring and one of Ashley kissing her man's cheek were ideal moments on camera. The photographer also took the opportunity to snap the gorgeous watercolor sky as the sun exploded on the horizon and the couple made their way to the water.

atlantic beach engagements atlantic beach engagements atlantic beach engagements morehead city engagements

Still hand-in-hand, Andrea and Rob left soft footprints in the sand. As their shoot came to a close, a final shot of the couple embracing with the waves in the distance was the perfect finish.

atlantic beach engagements atlantic beach engagements

Life near the water is beautiful and New Bern and Atlantic Beach are quintessential spots worth capturing. If you're lucky enough to share a special memory near the sea like Rob and Andrea, such as this, you'll most certainly want to capture it on camera.

Photography by: Faith Teasley

New Bern Engagement - Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

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