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Nautical Themed Wedding Shoot in Beaufort

Nautical themed wedding shoot in Beaufort. You don't have to be in the Navy to love a nautical theme. If you are considering a having nautical as part of your nuptials, we have a shoot that we hope that you provide inspiration. The photos were taken in Beaufort, North Carolina. The right venue will help put you in the right mindset. The water as a backdrop will always be beneficial for a Navy theme.

beaufort nc weddings the cotton bride wedding dress

The cake is amazing with its nautical accents.

nautical wedding cake nautical wedding flowers

You can add accessories to your decor to accentuate your theme. Look at the baby blue box with the fish netting and cord. We even have star fish.

nautical-themed-beaufort-nc-weddings-keepsake-memories-4 nautical-themed-beaufort-nc-weddings-keepsake-memories-5 nautical-themed-beaufort-nc-weddings-keepsake-memories-14

Let's look at the bride. She has on a beautiful white cotton sleeve dress. This is not that different. But when you add the navy ribbon, now it fits in with the theme. It is amazing how adding a simple element can completely transform a look. The color scheme of the wedding bouquet as well as its handle also fit in perfectly.

nautical themed wedding bouquet nautical-themed-beaufort-nc-weddings-keepsake-memories-7 nautical-themed-beaufort-nc-weddings-keepsake-memories-15 nautical themed boutonnierre nautical-themed-beaufort-nc-weddings-keepsake-memories-8 nautical-themed-beaufort-nc-weddings-keepsake-memories-17 nautical-themed-beaufort-nc-weddings-keepsake-memories-9 nautical-themed-beaufort-nc-weddings-keepsake-memories-10 nautical-themed-beaufort-nc-weddings-keepsake-memories-11

I love this second strapless dress!

beaufort nc bridal portraits

If you are in the Navy or just love the theme, we hope that you have been inspired. If you select the right venue and accents, you can have a fabulous Navy themed day. Ahoy mate.


PhotographyBeaufort NC Wedding Photographers

Decor/Flowers: Rachel of Bridal By The Sea

Hair: Adrienne of Blush

Dresses: The Cotton Bride

Model: Anna Evans

Nautical themed wedding shoot in Beaufort.

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