Mount Annan Botanic Gardens Sydney Australia Wedding Shoot

Engagement sessions are a wonderful and important element of wedding planning. As a couple, you get to dress up and take pictures at a place that is special to you or simply somewhere that you think will make a great backdrop. You can have fun and show the love that you have for each other in pictures. Emily and Michael, of Sydney, Australia, chose the Royal Botanical Gardens for their engagement session. The grounds were simply breathtaking. Emily is gorgeous in her Vera Wang dress and she is complemented by her fiance, Michael, with his black tuxedo. They make a stunning couple. Even though they are dressed up, they looked so comfortable. They had a lot of fun just posing and taking pictures.asian-modern-sydney-new-south-wales-australia-wedding-shoot asian-modern-sydney-new-south-wales-australia-wedding-shoot-13 asian-modern-sydney-new-south-wales-australia-wedding-shoot-2 asian-modern-sydney-new-south-wales-australia-wedding-shoot-14 asian-modern-sydney-new-south-wales-australia-wedding-shoot-3 asian-modern-sydney-new-south-wales-australia-wedding-shoot-4 asian-modern-sydney-new-south-wales-australia-wedding-shoot-15 asian-modern-sydney-new-south-wales-australia-wedding-shoot-5 asian-modern-sydney-new-south-wales-australia-wedding-shoot-6 asian-modern-sydney-new-south-wales-australia-wedding-shoot-16 asian-modern-sydney-new-south-wales-australia-wedding-shoot-7 asian-modern-sydney-new-south-wales-australia-wedding-shoot-8 asian-modern-sydney-new-south-wales-australia-wedding-shoot-9

Look at them as he carries through the meadow or as they caress on the bench. But not all of the shots caught the romantic side of their relationship. The pictures also captured their fun side. They played around and frolicked in the meadow or talked casually as they got caught on camera. Michael looked admiringly as Emily played with in the meadow. You could feel his love.

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These are pictures that they will be able to cherish forever. They capture the "in love" stage of their relationship. It can never be replayed. It is a special time in the life of a couple. These pictures can be used at the various events leading up to the wedding as well as the reception after the wedding. You can share them or simply keep them for yourselves. It does not matter. But don't leave this important aspect out of wedding planning. You will not be disappointed.  When you select your wedding photographer, see if this is included in your wedding coverage.

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