Modern Wedding Cakes

Modern Wedding Cakes.

People would say that selecting a wedding cake is no big deal. After all, it is just a cake. But it really isn't. It will be the centerpiece of your reception. When your guests walk in that is the first thing they will look for. There are so many varieties. You can a circular or square one. You could also have a big or small one. Which do you choose? Well, it depends on your theme and/or how you want it designed.

Love this modern turquoise and orange wedding cake!

First, let's look at a more rustic cake. It has the tiers of a traditional cake but it has bands in the center. You could make this the blend in with the color scheme of your wedding. If you a more natural bride that desires the big cake, you might consider this one. It might be less fussy but the flowers on the layers and on top give it the wow effect.

Next, we have a smaller but square version as well.  With this choice, you have one big flower on the side of the center layer. The other layers have geometric designs. It makes a statement but it is definitely not over the top.

If you are looking for a cake that definitely makes an impression, consider one with a bigger flower. It can be the topper and all eyes will be on it. You can have it circular or square.

The flower on top is great for you but you want it smaller, you could have several flowers on top. The bottom layer could have the same flowers designed around it. Once again, they would blend in with the colors that you select for your special day. As you can see, there are many varieties of cake. DonÂ’t think that there is only one choice. Let your cake make a statement and it will be the centerpiece of your reception.

Credits: Turquoise and Orange Cake: Intricate Icings Cake Design -Photography: Shalynne Imaging

Rustic Inspired Wedding Cake Cake: Lovely Cakes -Photography: Candace Jeffery Photography

Blue Poppy Cake: Cake: Fondant Flinger - Photography: Sylwia Ok Photography

Sugar Flower Wedding Cake: Cake: Cake Avenue - Photography: 3.2.1 Photography