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Modern Spring Temple Texas Real Wedding

Tad and Kaci definitely took a step back in time when they tied the knot in Texas. Most of the time when couples choose a vintage theme they select items from earlier in the 20th century. However, this wedding resembled an affair from the sixties. It was so esoteric.modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-29 modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-30 modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-31

First let's look at the couple. Kaci wore a strapless chiffon gown that flowed in the wind. Her long hair flowed over her shoulders. She did not wear a necklace. Kaci wore a jeweled headband. Also, she wore blue shoes. Her groom, Tad, was also dressed in a blue suit that matched the color of her shoes. The thin lapels resembled the style of the sixties and he wore a bow tie which was definitely fashionable at that time. In addition, he wore matching argyle socks. Their ensembles were not the only things that resembled that time period. Even how the wedding was done as well as the set up for the reception had similarities to that period. modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-32 modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-33 modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-34

They exchanged their vows under a tree in the field as their friends and family watched. There weren't a lot of fancy decorations simply an arch that would mark the spot where the officiant would stand as he performed the ceremony. They did not have a large bridal party simply a best man and maid of honor. modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-35

They continued the theme at the reception. There was an arch that led the way to that area as well as signs that let you know where to find everything. The signs were on top of the arch and on the adjacent trees.

modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-36 modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-37 modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-39

The tablecloths were not the same. They had white tablecloths with geometric runners and floral tablecloths. This lack of consistency was also prevalent in that time period. There weren't any elaborate centerpieces either. There were bark arrangements, flowers in bottles or vases and candles. The place settings were tied with multi-colored rope or twine. It was simple and intimate. modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-21 modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-42 modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-26 modern-temple-texas-real-wedding-trendy-bride-28 texas weddings

If you are going to have a throwback wedding, you have to continue the theme throughout the day like Tad and Kaci for it to work. As you can see, each detail worked together to create an incredible memory for them. If you are considering doing something like this, simply don't get overwhelmed by all of the options. Make your selections so that they will fit the desired effect and you will have a fantastic wedding.

Here is a beautiful super 8 video by Nostalgia Film to go with this wedding:

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