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Modern Ruche Fall Autumn Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses have certainly come a long way. They used to be these over the top dresses that you would never want to wear again in your life. But this is 2012 and things are different now. They are now in varying styles for today's trendy brides. fall bridesmaid dress fall bridesmaid dress fall bridesmaid dress

Let's look at this cute mini dress. It is stylish but not fancy. The belt and the shoes definitely complete the wedding ensemble but after the nuptials it could be worn with a different belt and flats.  The yellow color is perfect for a fall wedding.

The pleated dress is stunning. These bridesmaid will turn heads as they walk down the aisle. This could be worn again and again for other affairs. Once again, for an autumn wedding it is wonderful because it reflects the tie between summer and fall both in design and color.

fall bridesmaid dress

We hope that what you see will inspire you to look at bridesmaid dresses in a new way. You need to think fashionable. You need to think functional. If you do, your wedding will be amazing from top to bottom.

Dresses: Ruche

Photography: Stephanie Williams

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