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Modern Edmonton Alberta Canada Real Wedding

Are you creative? Do you like unique different things that are not like everyone else? When you select your wedding venue you probably should consider a location that will inspire you. Laura and Curtis did just that when they tied the knot at the Art Gallery of Alberta in Alberta, Canada. First let's look at the happy couple. Laura is absolutely stunning. Her strapless gown is modern yet vintage. As it gathers at the waist with a bell shaped bottom, it definitely looks like a dress from the forties. Her necklace is also unique. You would have assumed that she would have worn pearls but that would have probably have been too classic a choice. Her shoes also matched the design of her necklace. modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddingsmodern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-2 modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-3 modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-5 modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-8 modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-4 modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-10

The groom is dressed in a gray suit with a checkered shirt and a black tie. He topped it off with a yellow handkerchief.  Isn't that a unique outfit for a groom? It is so creative.They did not have a huge bridal party just a maid of honor and best man. The maid of honor wore a short gray dress and black shoes and the best man wore a checked shirt and a black vest. Their outfits blended well together as well as with the groom.

modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-11 modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-14 modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-21 modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-19 modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-20 modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-18

Their outfits just blended so well with the color scheme. Also, the architectural design of geometric shapes made ordinary pictures look stunning.

modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-16 modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-17 modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-22

The guests were also had another unique treat for these nuptials. They were served popcorn. Now, this is thinking outside of the box. They are viewing art as they attend and they are watching a wedding. Popcorn is definitely a great idea.

modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-24 modern-edmonton-alberta-canada-real-weddings-23 alberta canada weddings

Choosing a venue like this, makes your job and the job of your photographer very easy. Inspiration is everywhere and you don't really have to do too much. If you are struggling looking for a venue because you are not a traditional bride, well consider looking for location like this. You can allow yourself to make your wedding totally you and allow your venue to spark your creative juices. You never know what you will come up with and you definitely will plan a day that you will always remember.

Photographer:  Lindsay Skeans Photography Venue: Art Gallery of Alberta

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