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Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses. One of the biggest trends for bridesmaid dresses as of late is the incorporation of various styles and shades, versus putting every girl in matching silhouettes. By mixing and matching your best girls’ dresses, you add a dynamic look to the bridal party and also, let their own unique personalities shine through. Long dresses possess a certain sense of elegance. Each bridesmaid has on a long dress in a neutral shade. You see beading, pleating, and even a slit, but they all come together wonderfully with the bride’s selection of red, fuchsia, and cream-inspired bouquets.

bridesmaid dresses

via Brumley And Wells

You can also distinguish your maid-of-honor with one shade, while the rest of your group wears another. This bridal party boasts two notable ladies, each wearing a dusty blue lace dress; however, one is strapless and one is a V-neck. The three additional bridesmaids round out the group with navy blue dresses in various necklines for a seamless, but signature look.

bridesmaid dresses

via Shea Christine Photography

If the only requirement you have is glamorous, then an array of evening gowns is sure to deliver. These ladies each wear a completely different dress in a different shade. From gold beading, to a modern statement neckline, and even a floral-printed hem, these bridesmaids show up in style.

bridesmaid dresses

via Aneta Mak

Three lovely bridesmaids each wear a different color; however, the tones are all cool and pleasant. From periwinkle to dusty rose, their long dresses match well with their baby eucalyptus bouquets.

bridesmaid dresses

via Joseba Sandoval

Giving your bridesmaids a trio of color choices helps to offer fashion freedom while maintaining a consistent look. This large group of bridesmaids definitely create a cohesive image with long black, white, and blush dresses.

bridesmaid dresses

via Jenny Haas Photography

Bridesmaids can find many dresses with similar stylish details. Ruching is a popular gown feature and this group of ladies each dons a long dress with ruching at the neckline. Their dresses are in various pale pastels but the singular detail on each dress creates a continuous statement.

bridesmaid dresses

via Ashley Kelemen

Think about the personalities of your bridesmaids and what will best complement the look and feel of your day. Giving them the opportunity to choose a dress and feel comfortable (and fabulous!) will only make your day that much more special. Mix it up and match the details that inspire you and your best girls.

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses.

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