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Marble Falls Texas Great Gatsby Styled Wedding Inspiration Shoot

The 1920s have long been inspiration for many weddings – and the Great Gatsby takes place in a time of opulence and celebration, so it’s no wonder brides and grooms like to recreate the fashion and decor. There are so many ways to use the influence of art deco in a wedding so it does not come across as too much like a costume party or themed event. Gold, black and white are perfect colors to use in a Great Gatsby inspired wedding – using vintage dishes or crystal add a special touch to the table settings and creates such an elegant look. Tall candlesticks set amongst large vases overflowing with flowers looks regal and romantic.

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A sophisticated menu is perfect when throwing an art deco wedding – look for a classic dish or keep it simple to represent the time and influence of the 20s. Use an art deco style for the cake – it’s a perfect way to tie the entire day and venue together!

gatsby-marble-falls-texas-real-wedding-styled-shoot-11 gatsby-marble-falls-texas-real-wedding-styled-shoot-12 gatsby-marble-falls-texas-real-wedding-styled-shoot-13 gatsby-marble-falls-texas-real-wedding-styled-shoot-15 gatsby-marble-falls-texas-real-wedding-styled-shoot-16 gatsby-marble-falls-texas-real-wedding-styled-shoot-17 gatsby-marble-falls-texas-real-wedding-styled-shoot-18 gatsby-marble-falls-texas-real-wedding-styled-shoot-20

There are so many options when it comes to a wedding dress – ornate detail with beading or lace is perfect for the 1920s. Diamond or pearl jewelry, eyeliner and a vibrant red lipstick is all you need to look elegant and sophisticated.

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