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Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Real Wedding

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Real Wedding. There are times when we look at wedding pictures and they simply take our breath away. This is one of those times. When Jamie and Ryan got married in Las Vegas, it had lots of glitz and glamor. It was worthy of the city that is known for its splendor. The venue absolutely positively set the tone for this wedding. It was held at the Mandarin Oriental, an international upscale hotel, located right on "The Strip." Their nuptials fit right in with this majestic setting. Most of the time, all eyes are on the bride during the wedding ceremony. But your eyes are fixated not just on the couple but the decor where they exchanged their vows.

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Jamie was stunning in her haute couture Vera Wang gown. She looked like a model. The strapless dress was A-line with an exceptional skirt that had incredible detail that resembled flower petals. She had her hair in a very organic style which fit perfectly with the gown. But the necklace that she wore was so elaborate but it was such a great choice. Of course, the color of the day was pink and she would not be left out. She work pink Valentino shoes. They were so cute. Her bouquet was also composed mostly of pink flowers. Ryan also got into the act and he wore a gray suit. But his tie was pink and so were his socks. They obviously blended in well since there was pink everywhere. It is very trendy for the grooms to coordinate their socks to the wedding decor. Today the grooms are really more fashionable and not just simply wearing a tuxedo.

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Even though they were at a hotel, there were amazing backdrops that they used for some of their pictures. They had the metal wall, the grounds as well as just walking down the hallway.

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Pink was the color of choice for this affair. Let's look at the arch. It is so beautiful with its pink flowers. The aisle is absolutely wonderful with the flower petals. The chairs are draped with pink along the edges.

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Pink made its appearance at the reception as well. The tables had centerpieces with pink flowers and petals underneath. It was so beautiful yet simple. We just love the way the tea candles were designed all around the flowers. It was very unusual. The tablecloth had intricate details of spirals which was amazing.

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The wedding cake is always the big part of the reception and this creation did not disappointment. It was placed on the same tablecloth as the place settings. It had a Mr. and Mrs. on the top with pink flowers. They also had flowers long the edges of the four layer masterpiece.  It was placed under the archway where Jamie and Ryan exchanged their vows. How special?

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It was amazing how Jamie and Ryan were able to intertwine the color pink into their nuptials. It was so simple that it appeared seamless. It was very natural so that it was not overdone. But more than anything, they added elements that allowed their wedding to fit the venue. If you have a favorite color, don't be afraid to make it the focal point of your wedding. It's your big day and it would definitely make it more special. It would be the wedding of your dreams. Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Real Wedding

Photographer:  Ron Dillon Photography Venue: Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Real Wedding

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