Macaroons on Wedding Cakes

Macaroons on Wedding Cakes.

The newest trend in bridal desserts is definitely macaroons. They can be served separately or as a tower to resemble a wedding cake. They are used to accompany the wedding cake or replace it. But there are so many ways that they are being used and we have a few examples.

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The cream design is spectacular. It is actually six layers of goodness. It is so beautiful with the various sizes of each part. It could definitely stand up against a wedding cake.

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The other examples are just as varied. They are small and large circles. As you can see, they can be decorated just like a wedding cake.

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If you are looking for a different cake idea or simply other desserts for your big day, then macaroons are a great choice. You can be trendy and creative at the same time. Think different. Think unique. Consider macaroons.