Lovely Yellow Wedding Cakes

Lovely Yellow Wedding Cakes.

When you think of a wedding cake, I am sure that the last that you considered was a yellow color cake. You think of the taste or the design but the color? Well, we think that is something that you need to think about. It can make a fashion statement by matching the color scheme of your wedding. We have some perfect examples for you

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First let's look at the three tier cake. It is thicker than most but it has the an absolutely adorable couple on top. Now, tell me that this cake would not turn heads as your guests walk into your reception.

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If you want a bigger cake, we have examples of four and even five tiers. They are adorned with flowers and other designs around the perimeter.

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The most unique is the one that fades from white to yellow. This has such an interesting affect. You get the best of both worlds if yellow is too bright for you.

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Now you see that a cake is not just something to eat at your wedding. It will take careful planning to select the right one but don't forget to consider the color. It can take a good cake and make it sensational.