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Letterpress Touch on Wedding Invitations

One beautiful way to impress guests with your wedding invitation is to have the invitations or envelopes feature a letterpress stamp. The embossed font creates a beautiful set and the choice of writing or font color creates a breathtaking invitation. No matter what type of wedding you want, from a classic or minimal ceremony and reception to an eclectic affair, invitations with a letterpress fit perfectly. The choice of invitation style, envelope and color options will complete the entire look for you and set the mood for the big day.

Guests will appreciate an embossed invitation, because it looks and feels special – and one that not everyone sends around, so it will definitely be a unique option. Use different fonts to complement the vibe you want for the wedding – or combine a few fonts to create a one-of-a-kind invitation. After you have picked out the font or colors you want, the material of the paper or envelope will complete the entire look.

Invitations: Invited Ink Photography: Keepsake Memories Photography

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