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Lena Navarro Art

Lena Navarro Art

My wedding portrait business is about honoring a woman with a handprinted portrait, that will capture the precious moment of her happiness and carry it through generations. 


Green tea, red lipstick, smoothies, faith, singing songs out loud, loving people,

long deep conversations, against the system, and of course lots of oil

paints-that’s pretty much me. I chose art as a main way to communicate

with the world and with myself. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t chosen it, but

art has chosen me, because it takes over my mind with such a huge power

that it is hard to say who is the boss. I’ve been painting since middle school, 

like all the kids I guess, but I never grew out of it. Now I live and create in

central Florida, inspired by whispering palm leaves and sound of the ocean.

I’ve started to paint bridal portraits, because I want to give people something,

that will last for generations. This is the memory that will never fade and remind couples

of their commitment. Nowadays technologies overtaking this world: it's quick, it's convenient,

 everybody can do it,  but if someone spending hours to paint your face­ you

must be special. It elevates you as a woman and gives you honor you deserve.

I truly believe that women are the prettiest on their wedding day, because of joy in their

eyes, and totally should be captured on canvas with loving hand of the artist.


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