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Lela Rose Spring 2014 Dress Collection

Lela Rose Spring 2014 Dress Collection. Gone are the days where bridesmaids are committed to puffy sleeves, unflattering fabric and innumerable amounts of ruffles. Bridesmaid dresses are more fashion-forward than ever before, thanks to the ingenious creativity of designers. They have noticed an area of opportunity for personality, flair and a sense of style where there hasn't always been one. Of course, no lady can truly outshine a blushing bride but offering a more realistic, stylish dress can add refreshing detail to a somewhat overlooked accessory. Lela Rose just debuted her 2014 Spring Collection and she has created some dynamite designs. If brides are looking for something unique for their 2014 nuptials, her looks can take your ladies on a vogue adventure down the aisle.

This look is a modern two-piece cut, with a jewel neckline. The top of the ensemble is a smart-gray color that fits perfect for a neutral palette. The bottom half of the look incorporates drama, with a chic, contemporary design that exhibits cool blues, white and punches of fuchsia, black, and lime green. Pair this ensemble with bold colored heels and you have a look guests won't soon forget.

spring 2014 dresses

Patterns have been slowly making their way into the bridesmaid look over the last couple of years and this dress achieves that style perfectly. This is a modern spin on a classic tea-length dress. Here, the designer made a simple silhouette and infused rich, red-colored flowers along the hem of the dress, slowly floating to the top of the neckline. The white base with the punch of red is vivid, yet still understated enough for a sophisticated wedding look. This dress can be paired with simple stud earrings and red heels for a charming appearance.

spring 2014 dresses

Mixing fabrics and textures is also a way to add multi-faceted style to your bridesmaid's dresses. Lela Rose took a soft lilac colored fabric and created a simple ruched wrapping. The top and neckline of this dress was crafted with a sheer, dark fabric that completed the color of the dress and added chic boldness to the design.

spring 2014 dresses

Another great idea is to incorporate a striking color to a classy silhouette. Peplum is all the rage for dresses right now and Lela Rose took the look and added a long skirt underneath. The top of the dress features a unique, one-of-a-kind swooped neckline. The cut of the dress, mixed with a bold color, like chartreuse, is a can't-miss.

spring 2014 dresses And for brides who seek a non-traditional look from the off-white dress, Lela Rose hasn't forgotten about you this season, either!

A great way to take a white dress from great to glamorous is by adding layers, specifically with contrasting colors and patterns. This gown features soft-feminine fabric of chiffon and satin, but the top layer features black and gray designs that resemble fallen rose petals.

lela rose dress

Another variation of this dress includes a shorter, knee-length dress with the same light, flowing fabric; however, this dress includes light blue underlay and varying blue patterns on top. The white mixed with blue is subtle, sweet and soft. It's a pretty dress for a no-muss, no-fuss bride who wants to be comfortable and chic on her wedding day.

lela rose dress

Brides and bridesmaids alike have many choices these days when it comes to wedding day fashion. Take cues from your personality, and those of your attendants, and seek out a unique ensemble that only adds to the look of your special one-of-a-kind day. lela rose spring 2014

Dresses: Lela Rose

lela rose spring 2014

Beautiful Lela Rose 2014 Wedding Dresses

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