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Lakeside TX Engagement

Lakeside TX Engagement

Lakeside TX Engagement. For their engagement session, Jake and Carley chose a place with special meaning to their relationship – Lake Conroe, Texas. It was right on the dock of Carley’s family home that Jake dropped to one knee and asked her the most important question of her life. After saying “yes,” they knew commemorating their engagement at the spot where it all began was an easy decision.

The blonde-haired beauty, Carley, gives off an effervescent glow. Her wavy hair frames her beaming smile and she shows off her unique style with a long, dusty blue wrap dress.


Jake coordinates handsomely with a white button down shirt, blue pants and brown belt.


The couple balance between stylish and casual as they stand amid the tall grasses of the lakeside property, with the gentle sun casting a soft glow around them.


They take a few photos wearing comfortable denim to show the laidback style of their relationship as they are surrounded by trees.


During the shoot, they also make their way to the infamous dock. As the water disappears into the horizon, the couple are the center of the frame as Jake plants a kiss on his new bride-to-be.


Their solemn faces turn silly as he picks up his fiancée and holds her in his arms as they both share a laugh.


A final shot shows Carley and Jake hand-in-hand as they gaze into each other’s eyes, presenting a solid front for whatever is to come.


It’s not often that couples can capture the spot where they got engaged. For Carley and Jake to seize the opportunity to revisit this special place is truly rare but also, incredibly sincere. Now they can look back on these photos with not only the life-changing memories of getting engaged but the excitement they felt before officially sealing their futures together.

Photography: Ashlen Sydney Photography

Lakeside TX Engagement

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