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Lake Como Italy Anniversary Photos

Lake Como Italy Anniversary Photos

Italy Anniversary Photos.

Most photo shoots are carefully planned out and scheduled in advance; however, this anniversary shoot happened because of a chance meeting over dinner. While enjoying dinner in Lake Como, Italy, a photographer and her husband were approached by Lizzy, asking if they’d like their photo taken, so they obliged. After chatting, the photographer then convinced Lizzy and her husband, Steve, to take part in a photo session a few days later.

On the morning of their shoot, the photographers grabbed the couple from where they were staying and took a walk through the town. It was during this walk that they learned of the couple’s love story.

The morning of their first date, Lizzy headed to the library to return a dozen books. As she was rushing, she tripped in the mud, and tore her sweatpants while her books went flying. As she walked into the library, she saw Steve at the top of the stairs. She was mortified, but still mustered enough courage to go on their date later that evening. Everything on their date went smoothly – the conversation flowed and the two really hit it off. At the end of the meal, Lizzy flung her coat around to put it on before braving the December wind. Unfortunately, her coat hit a table filled with wine glasses, which toppled to the ground, creating a cacophony of noise. Steve found it absolutely adorable and that is how their love story began. Now married for three years, they are still loving life together.

They spend many of their holidays traveling around Europe and Lake Como is just another stop on their journey together. The old architecture, the cobblestone streets, and the ample amount of unbridled greenery is breathtaking.

Lizzy and Steve looked absolutely smitten during their photo shoot. Lizzy wore a charming blue floral dress, with her hair neatly tucked on both sides. Steve matched her with a light blue shirt and tan pants.

They spent the day exploring the streets and overlooking the water.

A small walkway with a lovely set of steps was the perfect place to pause. The couple sat adorably on the steps side-by-side to take in the scene.

The town is full of beautiful nooks. Fancy iron gates, gardens, ancient statues, hidden walkways, and pergolas were just some of the interesting spots the couple stumbled upon.

The soft morning sunlight was gorgeous as it seeped through the ample greenery. It was the perfect backdrop for this lovely couple.

One last shot shows Lizzy and Steve with their arms wrapped around one another, taking in the amazing location - a perfect time to reflect on where they've been and where they've yet to go.

Never be afraid to offer to take someone’s picture – you never know where the interaction might lead! Not only do Lizzy and Steve now have amazing photos to capture their vacation, they also have anniversary photos to cherish as they plan their next adventure!

Photography:The GaneysVenue:Villa Monastero Film Processing:Richard Photo Lab

Italy Anniversary photos

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