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Lace Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

via Leo Patrone Photography

Years ago it was taboo for anyone but the bride to wear white to a wedding. But this is a new day and you can wear anything without being scorned. The dresses for bridesmaids have also evolved. No longer are they only wearing the dresses that could or would never be worn again but stylish outfits that could be used again. And yes, it is now acceptable for them to wear white. All of the looks we found are cute and yet dressy. But most of all, they can be worn again. The first example has the bridesmaids in short white and ivory lace and chiffon dresses. They are wearing flats which shows that this was a more casual affair and they dress it up with lace shrugs. The maid of honor is in white.

via Jose Villa

In the second example, the bridesmaids are wearing adorable strapless lace dresses. They are dressy yet comfortable. These are dresses that will not be stuffed at the end of the closer never to be worn again. They can definitely be used again for another affair and no one would imagine that it was a bridesmaid dress. Once again, the maid of honor is in white.

via Audrey Hannah Photo

The next example, shows that you can have dresses with the same lace detail but it does not have to be white or ivory. If you really want your bridesmaids to wear color, you could find a dress that has the color to match your theme. These dresses are also versatile and could be used again long after your wedding is over.

via Nathan Westerfield 

Many times brides do not give the same attention to selecting the bridesmaid dresses that they do to their gown. Granted, they are not on the same level but we hope that you see that you can select a simple yet classy style and have a beautiful bridal party. Bridesmaid dresses have come a long way so don't select for the gaudy and over the top designs. Simple can work and provide wonderful memories of your special day.

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